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Yearling {jannak} 5/365

By 25th June 2017Mailart

Every time I attempt this project, it seems my job and life get in the way. Hoping it’s only been coincidental and that getting back into this won’t be a jinx!


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  • andytgeezer says:

    No rush Janna. The same thing happens to me. I’m on my 4th 365 and have never once finished in under 3 years. Create at a pace that suits you and enjoy. 365 is a nice number to reach whenever

  • stripygoose says:

    Welcome back – you’ll do it your own way like we all do!

  • zenjan says:

    This is great, striking colors mirrored in the stamp and ad. My approach is to have some days that I make a flurry of cards, so always have some extra if I run into days when there’s just no time or I’m travelling or life just gets in the way. I feel like my creativity has expanded by leaps and bounds from the daily practice of this!

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