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Queen’s Head #90 – The Queen of Pink and Purple Waves

By 3rd September 2016Mailart


This pattern was also named “fractal pink worms” but that made it sound like some strange medical affliction so I’ve stuck with the original (and most obvious) name!


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  • stripygoose says:

    I like the way the waves are irregular – almost like they’re cascading downwards.

  • In the original npattern they did cascade downwards and the nearer the bottom they reached the thinner and pinker they got, didn’t quite fit into the Queen’s Head portal in that way!

  • andytgeezer says:

    I get quite particular about the use of mathematical jargon and the use of the word “Fractal” here irks me somewhat. Fractals are continually repeating and diminishing patterns that go on ad infinitum and these don’t. I can live with it from the point of view of artistic interpretation though

  • I had no idea what fractal meant so thanks Andy for the explanation. In the original pattern they do get thinner/pinkerand give the impression of going on ad infinitum which within the Queen’s Head portal they could well do…..but yes, within this domain they don’t appear to.

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