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Queen’s Head #79 – The Cream Queen of Earless Elephants

By 23rd August 2016Mailart

Author positivelypostal

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  • stripygoose says:

    Nice one – I thought they we little falling leaves until I read the title!

  • andytgeezer says:

    Oh, is this new background colour too?

  • And what a great title, think they are getting a bit more surreal as time goes by! Yes, I am on cream card now as the white is running out (again!) and I bought the last white packet from Rymans on my previous visit! Will have to throw in some more colour ones now, got loads of green card!

    • stripygoose says:

      Interesting to see how all of our designs go over time – e.g. your backgrounds, Andy’s multiple cuts and my borders already so far. Like the idea of getting more surreal and abstract – might consider the essence of what makes a chicken a chicken.

      • andytgeezer says:

        I recently read a book in which the author brought up a thought experiment. He said, if it were possible to replace neurons with cybernetic connections, how many neurons would have to be replaced before you were no longer a human?

        I’m still debating this, but I’m looking to play with cutting up postcards in various ways in an analogous fashion. I hope to maintain the essence of the original postcard, whilst adding or removing pieces. Perhaps there comes a point where the fraction of the original postcard is so insignificant that it can no longer be recognised

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