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Queen’s Head #50 – The Queen of Red & Blue Heart Stamps

By 25th July 2016Mailart


Wahay, number 50, just over a seventh of the way to the full 365, just don’t check back yet on previous ones as I’ve still got a few gaps to fill but I’m making progress!

I created this pattern of a pattern generator site (having typed “stamps” into it)and I think you will agree this could not be more appropriate. Here’s to the next 50…..


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  • stripygoose says:

    50 is a landmark! They look like heart creatures with three little legs.

  • andytgeezer says:

    Happy 50! That’s 10 sets of five to some people in these parts. I like how the heart on her lips looks like lipstick

  • Thanks for the encouragement, sort of hitting a stride with it all now. Yes, I thought the “postmarks” looked rather insect like and it’s fun seeing where certain elements of the patterns etc fall, especially round Her Majesty’s mouth/lips and nose!

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