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Queen’s Head #233 – The Queen of Pineapple Slices

By 24th January 2017Mailart

Author positivelypostal

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  • stripygoose says:

    For me this is one of those patterns that…
    if you look at the red it’s one pattern and Ghent if you focus on the pale yellow it jumps to a different pattern. Always a fruit-theme option too?

  • Yes, I thought that too, at first it had a rather unpleasant wormy like pattern to it but if you focus on the pineapple in the title it gets much better! Have done fruit for a week, check out Heads #183 – #187 –

  • stripygoose says:

    Wow – they look utterly splendid when you look at them all together. Can’t wait to see them at the Lantern. She should get an invitation.

  • box652 says:

    I’ve been enjoying this Queen series, and it has been percolating as an infrastructure for a series of my own.

    Well, now that the US has a King, I have an idea…

    You’ll see the structural similarity, in the use of a consistent outline, but then, I’m taking it hither and yon.

    I love how this group has so many different styles, and ideas, and how they shift and merge in my brain to something new. This is an awesome, energetic, and inspiring group.

    Stay tuned…

  • Am now very intrigued box652 by your idea and what you have up your sleeve…..thanks for your positive feedback on the Queen’s series, they are getting their first outing next week at an arts centre in South West London, will take some photos as I think they will work well together!

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