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Queen’s Head #216 – The Queen of Shabby Chic Aqua

By 7th January 2017Mailart

Author positivelypostal

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  • stripygoose says:

    Lovely! I suppose there are infinite possibilities but so you ever have to stop and think – have I done that pattern or title already?

  • Indeed, this series could likely go on for ever(!) and within the confines of a year it’s not too bad, I have checked on one or two where sunshine has been the theme but they were different enough to stay as they were. In those instances I’ve just searched within the Mailart365 site to see what (already) comes up.

  • stripygoose says:

    Yes I’ve had to do some strategic searches when I thnk I’ve duplicated a title – can’t keep it all in my head! Looking ahead (ha ha) any thoughts about how to display titles as they are such an integral part of each piece.

  • I thought of typing out the titles, maybe laminating them and putting them up next to each Head – a lot of work of course but as you say they do add and are integral to each one.

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