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Oldlibraryman: #61.2

By 24th February 2017Mailart

I have been cleaning out all my storage boxes in my office during the last week. I came across a few “Owl” letter forms that I made back when the first coupleHarry Potter books were getting to be wildly popular in the United States. I used to send Owls to my daughters back then. They were, and are still, big Potter fans. I even printed a few hot pink colored letters to send some screamers to them when they failed to respond to the friendly owls. Since I had this one, I colored it up to send to a former colleague of mine who is recovering from cancer surgery. (The prognosis is extremely good, by the way, for which we all are joyful.)



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I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in 1947. I was a classroom teacher of various subjects for 25 years before becoming a school librarian at which I labored for 18 years. I finally retired at the end of the 2015/16 school year, figuring that 43 years was long enough. I have been married for 48 years and have five children and three grandsons.

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