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Oldlibraryman: #45.3 to 49.3

By 24th March 2018Mailart


Author oldlibraryman

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in 1947. I was a classroom teacher of various subjects for 25 years before becoming a school librarian at which I labored for 18 years. I finally retired at the end of the 2015/16 school year, figuring that 43 years was long enough. I have been married for 48 years and have five children and three grandsons.

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  • Paula says:

    I love your art work. I have seen do you do all your artwork free hand drawing.
    lots of your art. You are a natural artist.
    Did you ever teach art? You would have been a good art teacher.
    I don’t know if they even teach art in high schools anymore. My dad died in 1966,but he lived for furthering education of others. I applaud you for teaching for 43 years. Teaching is a calling I think anyway. No one does it for the money.not in indiana anyway. Congratulations on your long marriage! Rarely does anyone stay married for life anymore.they stay married until they are bored,then leave. I do mail art too but I can’t draw.I use stickers and Washington tape and make the stickers talk. I like my mail to people to be a happening! I never send a plain white envelope to anyone off I can help it.I even put stickers on bills one mail. Keep decorating!!!! PaulA or sadieb k on post rossing.

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