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By 17th January 2018Mailart

Esther Artizta

Author Esther Artizta

I like to explore the creative possibilities with multi-media art. I challenge myself to think outside of the box and trust myself to create art that inspires me to continue on the journey of artistic exploration. I enjoy receiving mail art from fellow artists around the world who also speak through their creativity. 365 motivates me get into the studio everyday to see where my artistic spirit leads me.

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  • Hello there! I love your mailart! Is that torn paper or torn material? It is probably paper, but you don,t know if you don’t ask. I also decorate all my mail envelopes with stickers and or ephameara. I say my stickers are just like my writing, they sort of tell a story. I love for stickers!!!!
    If there are no stickers in heaven,then. L,m. Not going!!! I write that on the backs of my envelopes sometimes. I usually address the envelope. Put stamps on it and then decorate it. Before I ever get a letter writte. I also fill it up with postcards bookmarks old vintage greeting cards. I like to share all of my writing compendium with others. I want my mail to someone to be A Happening!!! When they open it. I also hope I makesomeone,s day a little happier. Maybe we can mail each other some mail art sometime. My user name is. Sadiebk. Keep On making really cool ART!!!

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