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Papercutting I did with scherenschnitte paper and scalpel, from a design by Wildchilddesigns

Author rbrlubber

IUOMA member, longtime mailartist. Strong sense of humor. Likes: birds, bees, artistamps, Add &Pass, collage,playing with paper, scissors, X-Acto blades, street art, paint, chalk, ink, glue, etc. I don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or birthdays (Jehovah’s Witness)

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  • Kihei Turtle says:

    Love your paper cutting. I’m a sea turtle who lives in Kihei, HI, so can’t pass this one.

  • rbrlubber says:

    ? Thank you! My daughter was bitten on the thigh by a sea turtle in HI!

    When I was little , we would catch tortoises like this guy. I miss seeing them here. So far, we’ve had in our yard here (Colorado) ducks in the trees, foxes, a bear, a Cooper’s hawk that admired my pet chickens, raccoons, 2 deer, and a really sweet baby skunk…Then, there have been 3 cockatiels and a parakeet that I’ve caught. And a rabid squirrel that I held in my lap and 3 crows that were stunned by flying into cars that I took to the vet. And sweetest ever, two tiny squirrels who followed us down the sidewalk mewling. They went to wildlife rescue.

  • andytgeezer says:

    Wow this is incredible! It must have taken you ages

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