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48/365.3 feathery chicken

By 2nd August 2016Mailart

48_365.3 feathery chicken


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  • andytgeezer says:

    I’m really rather enjoying this thing that is happening on the site at the moment with characters inside borders which they break out of. As you’re working on white and the site background is white, the overall effect is that they jump right out of the screen.

    I really like the feathers on this one. Very strokable

  • stripygoose says:

    Thanks for the fedback. I’ve been trying out black ink and a calligraphy pen (with a nib and just dip in the ink) and it’s tricky but in a good way. The site does look good though, doesn’t it? Talk about variety.

  • I may have to let the Queen break out as she has been rather confined within the borders of A5… looks fantastic, love coming to it every day to see what’s new!

  • stripygoose says:

    Yes me too – it’s a great system!

    • andytgeezer says:

      Thanks guys. I am really proud of it. I wish that Camelorama/Poison Label Productions was around to see it, he would have loved it.

      I don’t know if any of you noticed, I added a forum (365 community link above), the idea being that comments on posts are quite transitory, but if you want further conversation it would make sense to have a place for this.

      At the moment the forum is still a work in progress and isn’t quite working properly, but will get it working

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