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365 #226 08.14 ’17

By 29th August 2017Mailart

when worlds don’t collide?
scratchfoam print with Chinese star chart collaged


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  • andytgeezer says:

    Did you use the exact same printing block as in I’ve been looking at the two side by side and the pattern of dots is almost identical!

  • Jan Hodgman says:

    Sharp eye, there, Andy! Right you are, the magic of making something that can be repeat printed. Scratchfoam is fun ‘cuz it’s really low-tech—just draw on it with something pointed, not quite sharp, to indent the foam. I do it with foam trays that come with meat sometimes, also have bought scratchfoam from artist supply places. I enjoyed your talk and video of cards up on IUOMA. Your enthusiasm is infectious, AAARGH–I’ve got the bug!

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