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By 7th August 2018Mailart

Kihei Turtle

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  • andytgeezer says:

    Great to see you still going strong Kihei! I’ve noticed over the years that around 250 is a major drop off point for people. It’s a huge number but there’s still a third of the way to go! I’m sure you can do it though and your pieces are excellent

  • Kihei Turtle says:

    Thank you for encouraging words, andytgeezer! Interesting, I can understand the drop around 250. Maybe it’s the (mailart) fatigue point? My start day was 9/1/17 so obviously I won’t complete in 365 days but I have a feeling that I will finish at the end of the year!

    • andytgeezer says:

      I’ve been watching every 365 since the start of the site in 2010 (when it was hosted on blogger) and I have seen quite a few people get into the triple figures with all pencils blazing then suddenly…nothing. As I’m at a distance there’s no way for me to tell what has happened. There are some other noticeable drop off points, 10, 100, 150 but 250 always strikes me as the most painful as you’ve got so far!

      I’ve never worried too much about hitting it in a year (I’m on my 5th or 7th – I’ve lost count) and have never once managed it but always look in awe at the 365/365 finishers. It’s a certain discipline

  • Kihei Turtle says:

    Fascinating stats! It sure is discipline. When I first heard about this project few years back I thought I could never do that much mailart. Now I am telling myself that if I complete, I can say that at least I have done this in my life 😉

  • stripygoose says:

    I love your number 250 – it’s so vibrant and energetic. Keep going – one at a time and you’ll surely get there :>)

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