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By 2nd January 2020January 4th, 2020Mailart

Author ezed

as a child of tv and magazines overladen with dream and desire, I have looked for the meanings under the words that line my road like rocks casting shadows in my understanding of what I see.

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  • Esther Artizta says:

    Welcome to mailart 365 ezed!!
    Nice to have someone else posting art. I was feeling a bit lonely.
    Esther Artizta

    • ezed says:

      Thank you for the welcome! I’m surprised that no one else is posting. I will keep you company (smile); I will try to post one a day for the full year… let’s see if I can make it. Do you draw most of your images or is it a mixture of styles?
      I do mostly collages with words. I like words.
      Eduardo Martinez

  • andytgeezer says:

    Welcome Ed! So great to have you here

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