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142 – Lego minifig advanced option

By 3rd December 2018Mailart

This week I delivered a huge project at work. I’ve been working on a game based on the work my company does, which is HR. The game board is built in Lego and all the pieces are also built in Lego, so to top it all off I put the option cards in envelopes that I decorate with Lego minifig pictures. I decided to replicate the envelope in Sharpie and fineliner, and the title refers to the option cards inside in the game format.

The game went down an absolute storm and I’ve got the entire business talking about it. It took nearly 3 months from conception to completion, during which time there were a lot of raised eyebrows in the office when people walked by to see me “playing with Lego” as nobody really had any idea what I was doing. 

However, on Friday I delivered the end project and the whole business finally just got it.

What a great feeling!


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