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116 – Advent 2017 Day 2

By 18th December 2017Mailart

I know, I know, I haven’t done a day 1, and chances are I won’t do a day 3 either, but here is the Lego peacock I made, minus his magnificent tail, for day 2 of Advent. My little girl didn’t appreciate the tail as it ruined her “duck”, so she removed it and has been playing with it since then, hence why day 3 onwards never got made as the Lego advent calendar requires you to dismantle the day before’s model to proceed with the next one…

Oh yes, and the good news is that I’m back on the postal survey again! So I’ll be around much more often as I now get my postage paid for again. Sweet!


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  • Kihei Turtle says:

    Ah these lego sets are appearing in my house, too especially that Birthday, Chanukah, Christmas are being in the same month now. Mines have a lot to do with princesses theme! I like the equation of peacock minus tail equals ducks….!

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