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103 – Voter registration form enhanced with Ballerina

By 27th July 2017Mailart

In case you’ve not already seen it, do make sure you check out my recent Pecha Kucha talk, delivered at London Pecha Kucha Volume 15, as I talked about Mailart 365 and the joys and challenges of doing it. I also mention how I always try and send Freepost envelopes whenever I can.

This envelope is a freepost envelope going to the council for electoral purposes.

I popped into the public library in Kingston-upon-Thames for the first time in ages yesterday and the place has been refurbished. They’ve rearranged the shelving and it’s much better than it was before. I always find it amazing how just moving furniture around and adding a lick of paint can totally change the atmosphere of a place.

The most exciting thing for me though was that they’d finally invested in some lovely new books, specifically in the graphic novel section, which is always the first place I go in any library. I’d totally given up on going to my local libraries at Surbiton and Kingston because I’d read everything they had on the shelves, so would instead make the hour long trip to Central London to get my fix in Westminster libraries instead.

So imagine my joy when I saw a whole shelf of new books, including Polina by Bastien Vives. I decided that it was only fitting to send the council a picture drawn from one of their books as a mark of appreciation. I hope they make the connection somehow, and spend some more of our council tax on graphic novels….




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