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1-365.2 – Swan is unaware

By 24th November 2016November 26th, 2016Mailart

I had a bit of an mailart dilemma tonight. Although I continue to make my halfcards and intend to complete 365 of them, I find myself in a situation where I need to send regular post out for another project too. This post will be in envelopes, and I can’t merge the two projects.

Obviously, I can’t bring myself to send out envelopes unless they are beautiful in some way, so I’ve decided to illustrate the envelopes too.


I didn’t want the numbering to get mixed up, but still wanted to share, so thought the best thing to do is to start a parallel 365. So here it is – 365.2!

The title is obviously a nod to Stripygoose’s taxonomy. Perhaps this will be part of a 5


Author andysalterego

Creating 365 mailart items that don't cost me personally a penny to send in the post

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  • stripygoose says:

    Another 365 – yay good for you! Nice one – and I can strongly recommend the five!

  • Andy, you don’t do these things by halves (pun intended!) – another 365, go for it! A great envelope, especially liking the fish with the bubbles and it’s got stamps on it too! Will be interesting to see if Royal Mail actually postmark them, they seem to have given up doing that now….

    • andytgeezer says:

      It’s interesting that you should mention the postmark thing actually positivelypostal, as this is one of the things that I’m asked to note down when pieces come in for that Royal Mail Survey I’m doing.

  • It only seems to be envelopes and items that fit in their standard sorting equipment that stand any chance of actually being postmarked and even then there is no guarantee. Back in the olden days they would postmark everything, the idea being you knew when and where it was posted, how long it took to get there and most importantly for the Post Office, you couldn’t reuse the stamp(s). Maybe they don’t need the revenue…..yeah, right! 🙂

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