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082 – Black and White Thick Sharpie Girls

By 22nd May 2017Mailart

I had 2 cubes to do tonight and had artistic block something chronic. So I grabbed a W10 Sharpie with a Chisel Tip, fired up Google Images for some black and white profile pictures and started trying to draw them.

It was a riot watching the finely sculpted beauties in the picture coming out so terribly, as there was no way I could really control the fat chisel at the awkward angles I was trying to achieve on this cube. In the end, the only thing that saved it was the sheer amount of images and ink on the box.

I’m not even going to reference the images as I’m pretty sure the owners aren’t going to be coming to sue me for copyright infringement any time soon


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  • stripygoose says:

    But they look great – sort of 60s vibe and really striking. Are these staying black and white? Much as I love Elena’s colouring I think the two cubes look so good b&w.

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