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077 – Frog is a hero

By 14th May 2017Mailart

I need a bigger scanner as the survey provide me with these really large envelopes and they don’t fit in my scanner.

Having just got back from holiday, this one was already late going out and I was tempted to send it unillustrated, which happens very rarely. However, when I looked at the address I was meant to send it to, I realised that it was being sent to about 3 minutes down the road!

I imagined crossing paths with the recipient and not being able to look them in the eye (not that I have any idea what they look like) and my pride couldn’t bear it, so I put in the effort and bashed out the triumphant final scene in Frog is a Hero, in which Frog, having swam through the flood, returns to his friends with provisions in Rat’s boat.

Elena provided colours again and the whole piece went out about a week late.


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