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075 – To the races

By 30th April 2017Mailart

Another return to sender envelope, this time going to Ascot. Had to be a horse image. With return to senders, I’m almost certain that these never even reach the destination, much less get looked at when they arrive, so I try to keep production times and costs to a minimum, using scrawled biro where possible


Author andysalterego

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  • stripygoose says:

    I wonder what happens to them if they don’t arrive.

    • andytgeezer says:

      You never hear back from them, so I assume that the postal service just drops them in the bin. However saying that, Elena once got a reply from a company with whom she had a magazine subscription. They called to ask why she wanted to unsubscribe. Maybe it’s an unfair assumption

  • zenjan says:

    I’ve just been appreciating how beautiful horses are lately–this one included.

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