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067 – To who?

By 23rd April 2017Mailart

Our little girl has been off nursery for a few weeks, firstly through being a bit sick, then because a bout of chickenpox broke out in the nursery. As a result, Elena and I are totally knackered as Elena has had no break from parenting, so our alphabet month is in stasis for now and I’m lucky to be able to make any art at all.

This one is survey post, sending back to base and I needed to rush out a quick Sharpie job so I could get to bed and catch up on some much needed sleep


Author andysalterego

Creating 365 mailart items that don't cost me personally a penny to send in the post

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  • stripygoose says:

    Oh – the best laid plans and all that. Lucky that pressure of time sort of suits your style – this is cute! Maybe there should be a 365-lite (whatever that would be?) for time-pressed artists.

    • andytgeezer says:

      I believe Elena and I are doing 365 lite. 365 pieces but in our own time. For us, just getting to that magic number is the aim.

      • zenjan says:

        That makes total sense. I have big art-a-thon days where I produce several pieces, then dole them out one a day for a stretch. Most days I am making at least one piece, but the extras go toward those times when I’m so busy, or maybe travelling, and it’s hard to get to it. I can imagine having a little ‘un in the household puts a whole new meaning to “timeline”!!

  • andytgeezer says:

    I see 365 as a state of mind. Although Elena and I can’t make every single day, we do aim to get as many pieces done with the time we have. I guess it’s a commitment to creating as often as possible. It can take it’s own meaning for anyone depending on their situation I guess

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