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065a&b -Physalis Alkekengi by HG Reichenbach

By 28th February 2018Mailart

It’s been such a long time since I posted. I finished the lines and Elena finished the colours on this months ago, but I’ve been art-blocked and couldn’t bring myself to slice and stick to finish up. I finally got around to it after seeing Jimmy finish his 365 and logging in to see Kaley starting up. I knew I couldn’t stay art-blocked forever.

This one is from a postcard box set from the Royal Horticultural Society, so you can expect a few more from this set. The lines were really fine, and my technique doesn’t recreate fine lines very well at the moment, so I may need to work out a way to improve it.


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  • Kihei Turtle says:

    Fabulous work, and I love it! I like vintage botanical prints. I wonder what plant this is…. kind reminds me the plant I used to see at where my parents live. I used to pop those orange flowers.
    And yes, art-blocked, I hear you. Mine has been mailart-fatigued, to say more precisely. Luckily I could bounce back rather quickly but breaking away once a while and do something else (like reading books) has been helping me.

  • Elena says:

    Thank you Kihei. I myself love botanical flowes. This flower is a Chinese Lantern. We have some in our garden, they are lovely. If you pop the orange flowers off the stem they will dry and keep their shape and colour and will last for months. I have some in a bowl on my window seal since September.

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