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063 – Sarah & Duck cube

By 12th April 2017Mailart

Another cube going out for the postal survey. This one had to be a homage to Sarah and Duck, as I took our little girl out to the theatre for the first time today to see Sarah and Duck live on stage at the Polka Theatre. Sadly, she didn’t even manage to get through the first half, through no fault of the theatre or production, she just didn’t get a good nap this morning and thus found the whole thing a little overwhelming.

Still, it was nice to take the day off work and have some daddy time with my little girl, even though she did scream the roof off.


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  • stripygoose says:

    Well I guess you can never predict how things will go – esp with little ones. Love the cube though and the way the drawing wraps around.

    • andytgeezer says:

      I guess not. The play was rated as 3 years and over, but with Verity being so clever I thought she may be able to handle it. Elena reminded me tonight that even though she is smart, she’s still a little girl and still needs to develop behaviourally before this sort of thing would appeal. I guess she has a point

  • zenjan says:

    Love the cube! And the story of Sarah and the Duck and the need for a nap “trumping” art!

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