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056a&b – Stonehenge at dusk

By 13th March 2017Mailart

I’ve got me some new blo-pens with 10 new colours including black! Had to test em out.

Elena gave me a little hand on the colours of the stones, and I made a little mess of the colours between the stones (I should have used masking fluid), but still pleased with the end result



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  • stripygoose says:

    You’ve taken the use of blow pens to a whole new level!
    Might be making a copy-cat purchase real soon.

  • andytgeezer says:

    I love the easy way you can blend colours. I feel I’m still lacking a bit of subtlety with them but they are so much fun to use. Picked these up in WHSmith after hunting high and low for blow pens in art shops. I was told that blow pens are generally thought of as kids toys so weren’t really stocked in serious art shops, but “proper” spray ink kits cost a fortune and look like a real pain to look after

  • stripygoose says:

    Thanks for the shopping tip!

  • What a great result and effect – has given a whole new dimension to Stonehenge!

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