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054a&b – Side-striped Jackal

By 16th January 2017Mailart

If you’ve been following the Nature cards series that I’ve been posting, you’ll probably think this is from the Okavango delta, and you’d likely be right. However, I think this may actually come from a different set as it doesn’t specify the location of the photoshoot in this one.

The art side was done in fineliner, coloured fineliner, watercolour and watercolour pen but the bit i’m most proud of is not really visible from the front only from the back. When you turn it over, if you look very closely you’ll see that the cut and merge is seamless on this piece, something I’ve never managed before.

Another little detail of this is that, the original was a little bigger than my reproduction and i’ve worked out a way to deal with this which preserves the original much more faithfully than before. In the past, if the original was bigger than the reproduction, I would cut off the excess and discard it. If you look really closely at the bottom right corner of this, you’ll see that I have just sliced off the excess from one card and taped it to the other card so nothing goes to waste.



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