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049 – Boomerang post

By 16th March 2017Mailart

I’ve got to get a piece done for the #TwitterArtExhibit, and I’ve left it til the last minute to make. Tonight I am so out of inspiration that when I settled in for a session I couldn’t think of a thing, so I grabbed an envelope from my return to sender pile to warm up and this is what I came up with.

I’m thinking of putting together another piece like 032, as I really loved that piece, so wanted to play with that topic again


Author andysalterego

Creating 365 mailart items that don't cost me personally a penny to send in the post

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  • Andy, you can’t go wrong with the postbox idea, love the boomerang and koala addition! My submission to the TwitterAE17 was also postal in nature! Look forward to see what you come up with…..

    • andytgeezer says:

      You’ll have to wait and see! I’ve completed it now and will post it up after the show. I think you’ll be able to spot it on the day pretty easily.

      I nearly gave up and sent one of my other 365 pieces, but am really glad I didn’t. I would haev been devastated if one of those hadn’t sold and just as I wrapped up my piece I realised that 2 halfcards would not have been eligible as you’re only allowed one submission per person…

  • andytgeezer says:

    We have a new team member at work who is an Aussie so I’ve been thinking a bit about life Down Under, which I think is where this bubbled up from. I like the idea of the Koala throwing the boomerang and envisage it landing in the box slot

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