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048a&b – The Long and the Short of it. Yeoman of the Guard

By 27th November 2016Mailart

When I started this project, I was really pleased with myself for thinking up an idea that would use up some of my immense postcard stash in a creative way. I had visions of the pile shrinking and me standing triumphant atop a stack of halfcards.

As this project goes on I’m finding that this dream doesn’t come easy. When I look at my stash, it’s not at all noticeably smaller and instead I find that the only thing happening is that the easy ones are disappearing.

This is a fine example of what I mean.


My initial choices were fairly simple, single images that I could perhaps crack out in one sitting. This one took me 5 sittings and an insane amount of precision to complete. This was done exclusively in coloured fineliner.

At the beginning of the project there’s no way I would have chosen this, but as the stash dwindles (I’ve made it a rule not to buy any more until i finish the stash or until I reach #365) I have to force myself to confront postcards that would otherwise not have ever seen the light of day again.

It’s daunting, but it’s part of the challenge.



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