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038a&b – Crowned Crane Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

By 7th September 2016Mailart

As my entire 365 is going to be in the form of halfcards, cut from originals, one of the most important tools in my armoury is my trusty pair of scissors. I’ll let you in on a bit of a tool of the trade then at this point and show you the little beauties that I use. Yes Stripygoose, they are indeed shaped like a bird.

Andys Scissors

It will come as no surprise to anyone that these look really nice but aren’t hugely practical, but hey they do the job and they look nice and I’ve become rather attached to them since I pick them up almost every day.

Tonight’s piece is a bit of a homage to my scissors then, and comes from the nature postcard set that I picked up in the Natural History Museum.

The Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda and is represented in it’s flag.

Flag of Uganda.svg

For my interpretation, I used fineliner for all the birds lines, which were a joy to draw and the background came down in Watercolour.

038a - Crowned Crane Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

As an additional technical detail, in some cards i make, the original card is sometimes a little bigger than my reproduction or vice versa. What usually happens then is that I slice off the excess and throw it away.

With this one, the excess was the end of the Cranes foot and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. Luckily I realised that I didn’t have to, as the excess could just be taped back in it’s original place!

038b - Crowned Crane Hwange National Park Zimbabwe


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