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037a&b – Rhino on the beach Lake Kariba Zimbabwe

By 7th September 2016Mailart

The set of nature cards now takes us out to Zimbabwe, where the rhinos are lounging on the beach. I’m returning to watercolour and fineliner and keeping the cuts simple for a while to try and cut the time down of creating each piece. 037b - Rhino on the beach Lake Kariba Zimbabwe

Even though i’m cutting down the amount of time it takes to produce a card, I have to say I’m enjoying the opportunity to sit and just look at images for prolonged periods. Before I started this card, I had no idea that rhinos even had ears, but I love the little tufts on them, which I would never have noticed, had I not spent ages drawing them. I now understand why people draw the pictures in galleries rather than just buy the postcard image in the shop, something that i had never appreciated.

037a - Rhino on the beach Lake Kariba Zimbabwe


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