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032 – One is sending One’s mailart

By 20th February 2017Mailart

Another day another survey in the post, this one posted by Her Majesty. It must be very odd for Her Majesty to lick an image of her head whenever she needs to send a letter.

Flowers will return soon I promise!


Author andysalterego

Creating 365 mailart items that don't cost me personally a penny to send in the post

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  • Sue says:

    Love this. I want to learn to sketch. Where do I begin?

    • andytgeezer says:

      I find tracing paper to be really useful Sue. This one wasn’t traced, but I will often start off with a printed image I like and will trace it and rub it onto the paper and fineline over the result. It gives you a good start on the way that the lines fit together and takes the pressure off of trying to get things like perspective right.

      I usually save all my tracing paper (I do the traces using fineliner and then go over them in pencil to make the rub). Now I’ve got a few traces, I start overlaying these onto other things to see how the pieces fit together. Then I blend the results together, so I suppose it’s a jump from collage to sketching. I found my sketching really improved after I started doing this. I guess I was more comfortable with collage, so I developed my sketching style from this angle, so that’s where my suggestion comes from.

      Hope that helps

  • stripygoose says:

    Well this one is a classic! And there is something about the composition and the space between HRH and the postbox that adds a formality and hesitance that I love.
    This one is destined for t-shirts, mugs, cushions…

    • andytgeezer says:

      The end result with address was lovely to behold. I obviously left the postcode off the main part of the address as HRH has it on her letter already, so it kind of connects the image with reality

  • Definitely a classic, great how her outfit matches the colour of the postbox! Stripy is right, get this one copyrighted and start production of your new mailart lines!

    • andytgeezer says:

      You might be onto something there. I wonder if we could get mailart themed mugs made… Hmmmmm, that could help pay for the postage (or more likely end up as a great way for us to spend even more money…)

  • FIONA MURRAY says:

    I RECEIVED AN ARTWORK IN THE POST TODAY, a lovely dog going woof woof, really brightened the day.I think that I might try it with the letters I send ! Many thanks everybody for this great idea

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