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029a&b&c – Cage End Broad Oak

By 21st August 2016Mailart

If there has been one message on a postcard i want to know the story behind it’s this one

029 - Cage End Hatfield Broad Oak back

Sent to France in 1982, the sender simply mentions that “Fuchsia [cottages, marked “O” on the postcard] has a garage, but not Rose [cottage, marked “X” on the postcard]”

I presume that they were booking a holiday retreat or perhaps expecting the French recipient to come and visit and wanted to ensure that they came to right place perhaps? It must have been nice to have your house in a postcard, I guess, but if the recipient needed this information, were the local signs not adequate? A mystery whose solution I’m sure is lost to the sands of time.

029a - Cage End Broad Oak

I wasn’t intending to do another 3-way card so soon, but this turned out this way when I tried to find a colour reference for the image (because the original was black and white) on Google. I’ve always wondered what makes some places noteworthy enough to merit their place on a postcard, and Cage End, Hatfield Broad Oak definitely made me ask that question. A search in Google found absolutely nothing of any significance at all, so I decided to look on streetview on google maps

When I saw the angle of the image, I hit upon the idea of pairing up the google streetview image with the original, but was sure I’d seen this done before. Admittedly it wasn’t exactly the same, but I still felt that it was cheating a bit and wanted to add my own touches to the piece anyway, so i decided to go ahead and watercolour it anyway.

029b - Cage End Broad Oak

This left me with 3 pieces, the original, the streetview image and my own “Kovacs-esque” image, so I figured , what the heck, let’s put them together and make it two 3-ways in a row. I’m sure Stripygoose would appreciate the consistency.

029c - Cage End Broad Oak



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