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025a&b – The historic Church Bosham Village, second cut

By 14th August 2016Mailart

A few posts back, Stripygoose left a comment for me, that went

I wonder what it would look like if you re-spliced your two halves together to make a card.

I decided to take her up on the challenge and, given that I had a few copies of this piece, decided to do the same watercolour and fineliner base before slicing in the same style as #24.

025a - The historic Church Bosham VillageThen I picked another 2 lines and treated it as though the cards were brand new.

I’m pretty pleased with how the roof has stayed intact and the tower has merged nicely

025b - The historic Church Bosham Village


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  • stripygoose says:

    Nice one/two. Though it might get hard to follow if you re-slice a re-sliced one…
    I do like the watercolour effect and the way the colour pools in places to give darker patches.

    • andytgeezer says:

      I sort of shot myself in the foot with this one. I was convinced that I had about 6 of these so was ready to slice these in series to progressively smaller pieces. Turns out I only had 2! D’oh. I do however have 6 of another card, so i can still take this experiment to it’s conclusion, just not this time around

    • andytgeezer says:

      Isn’t there a limit after which a person can’t fold a piece of paper? Something like 8 times, after which the forces are too great to perform any further folds. [12 apparently] I wonder if there is a limit for the number of times you can cut a postcard in half and reattach it

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