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020a&b – The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Dartford Thurrock

By 1st August 2016Mailart

020a - The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Dartford ThurrockI used to pass through Dartford every day on my way to school, a long long time ago and always rather admired this bridge which, at the time this card came out was one of the longest cable stayed bridges in the world.

020b - The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Dartford Thurrock

The postcard was released by Essex County council Tourism department. I never realised that Essex had any tourism, so perhaps I’m missing out


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  • stripygoose says:

    Always like reading your comments. County Council postcards are probably worth researching as a genre.

    • andytgeezer says:

      I’ve found that, throughout this adventure through my unsent postcard stash, that I’ve found so many topics that I want to investigate in more depth. Athena postcards, the postcards of John Hinde (which have been compiled into a book amusingly titled “Nothing to Write Home About“, County Council tourism postcards, the list gets longer every day.

      I’ll be studying these a little as I go I guess, but the initial aim of this 365 project was to finally get around to sending out my hoarded stash of (mainly naff) postcards, so the last thing I want to do (this time around) is go and buy some more.

      …but there’s always next time 🙂

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