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015a&b – Chrysanthemum 09 July 2015

By 22nd July 2016Mailart

015b - 09 July 2015 Chrysanthemum

Last year, Elena and I attempted Mailart 365 but, given that our baby had only been on Earth for a few months, this attempt was destined to end in an early burnout, hence we started again this year with the others. Elena has kindly let me recycle some of her previous 365 pieces to create new pieces for my own 365 and this is my first attempt, using her first Chrysanthemum. As you can see, she’s come some way since then, and I know I can’t possibly match her but I’m just happy to provide another half to her pieces.

My half was coloured using crayon and HB pencil

015a - 09 July 2015 Chrysanthemum


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  • stripygoose says:

    The ultimate recycling – and very generous. Worked well too. The half and half idea must be good practice as well as looking great. This one in particular giving me ideas.

    • andytgeezer says:

      I have another idea for recycling coming very soon that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Watch this space

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