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014a&b – Surfing Crazy I

By 15th July 2016Mailart

Another gem from Athena, this little piece, called Surfing Crazy I (for all the pieces, I’m using the original postcard title if I can), makes me want to find Surfing Crazy II and III and add them as a series.

014a - Surfing Crazy I

I was speaking to a guy at work and he recalled Athena fondly. It seems I’m not the only one who misses having a reliable outlet of naff photography on the high street.

014b - Surfing Crazy I

The cut, around the man, was the first time I’d attempted to cut around a full outline of something complex, so I’m pretty pleased with the result. It was made harder by the fact that the cards were not the same size, so I couldn’t overlay them as I normally would but had to cut them individually, which meant that there were some gaps when you look closely


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  • stripygoose says:

    Sounds like quite a challenge this one but it really works.

    • Andytgeezer says:

      Yeah it was a challenge and I made a bit of a slip with the left foot, which I sliced off, but the effect is intact. By the way, I saw your hubby at Raynes on the way home today, but was going too fast to stop.

  • andytgeezer says:

    UPDATE – I just checked on eBay, and lo and behold Surfing Crazy was a (short) series. I’m not gonna buy it but I will be keeping my eyes open for it in boot fairs. If anyone sees one going for 10p, let me know!

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