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009a&b – Chichester in almost monochrome

By 5th July 2016Mailart

009a - Chichester in almost monochrome

Continuing the Chichester series, I wanted to do this in Monochrome and it was looking pretty good, but at the last minute I chickened out and added a few extra colours. Quite pleased with the overall effect, but I have one more card left and am tempted to make that fully monochrome

009b - Chichester in almost monochrome



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  • stripygoose says:

    Nothing wrong with chickening out – I’m doing that every day. Still liking these lots.

  • Andytgeezer says:

    What I most like about this set is the cutting. I try to include parts of the main features (the church and the pub) on both cards and do a different cut each time, but when you look at them it’s quite difficult to see where the cut is, even though the colours that I’ve added are flat or even black and white!

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