Queen’s Head #254 – The Queen of Happy Valentine’s Day

By 14th February 2017Mailart

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  • andytgeezer andytgeezer says:

    I love the artistamps. Have you got a magic method of doing the edging? Are those real and usable?

  • Thanks Andy, these are actual “stamps” in that I’ve had them designed and then a guy/company in Germany prints them out. He deals with all the printing and the perforations so they are “real” in all senses except that they can’t be used to pay for postage. I’ve stuck some to the outside of envelopes to post but only with the correct and official Royal Mail stamps on there for postage.

    I’ve probably walked a fine line with these in that they have values and a small envelope symbol on them so to the uninitiated they could appear to be proper stamps. You can see more of the ones I’ve had made previously here


    though that article now needs to be updated with the most recent issues.

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