365 43 Jennifer Jones Portland 02

By 5th April 2017 Mailart

365 43 Jennifer Jones Portland 02


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  • andytgeezer andytgeezer says:

    JJAlltheway! I haven’t sent Jen anything for far too long, but she was one of the early original members right here and I have really fond memories of swapping art with her in 2010

  • crisispanty crisispanty says:

    JJ is one of my dearest friends and only five minutes away so I look forward to getting to see one of your pieces in person!

  • zenjan says:

    Funny I left her name on that file—more than a mistake?? Good to be in good company!

    • andytgeezer andytgeezer says:

      I think it was destiny, because JJ was actually the very first person to post when the site was first launched in December 2010,by virtue of the fact she was in Australia at the time

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