363/365.3 stripy chicken with pink tail

By 13th June 2017 Mailart


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  • andytgeezer andytgeezer says:

    So close.THREE MORE TO GO!! Go Stripygoose! I will miss these guys

  • stripygoose stripygoose says:

    Hey – TWO more to go I reckon?!? I’ll miss it too – for sure.

  • stripygoose stripygoose says:

    Oh my – that numbers thing have me a panic. Number 1 on here dated as June 24th so how come I finish on June 16th I thought to myself? Well after lots of thinking iI couldn’t count to 365 I realised the date for my first few posts on here are all stick on June 24th! How weird is that. The start date was 16.06.2016.

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