019 – Ostriches

By 31st January 2017 Mailart

I currently have so much outgoing post that is already being paid that this 365 is going better than I thought.

Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours drawing a piece and forgot to photograph it before sending it out, which is rather annoying.


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Creating 365 mailart items that don't cost me personally a penny to send in the post

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  • stripygoose stripygoose says:

    Well I was bound to like this ostrich one wasn’t I?

  • Great drawings and full marks for getting the postage paid, will need to think about that next for all the Heads when they are sent off!

    • andytgeezer andytgeezer says:

      I have been thinking about how to cross the idea of free postage over into my main 365. I think getting into the free postage mindset is definitely a good thing to think about. Am currently tinkering with a way to make a multi-seller shop on the site, so that we can all request postage costs, but that is a way off at the moment. We have a while yet though

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